Recent improvements and fixes

We're always working to improve your Neo experience by fixing bugs and making improvements based on your feedback. Refer to this page to see when and what we've been working on to make Neo even better.

To view older fixes and small enhancements, see Recent improvements and fixes 2017 - 2021.

We have made updates to the following items:


  • When branches share a Merchant ID (MID), CareCredit Integrated payments will always be reported under the branch the user was logged in to when processing the payment.


  • Resolved an issue where deleted payments were included in the Payments section of the Practice Dashboard.


  • Resolved an issue where selecting and printing more than one prepayment credit from the Collect Payments page resulted in blank or incomplete invoice(s) printing.



  • Resolved an issue so Results tasks are always created when diagnostic orders are final / results are available in Neo.


  • Resolved an issue so patient records with an existing date-type extra field that is blank (has no recorded value) can always be saved.

  • Resolved an issue so patients with voided and /or corrected consultations can be successfully moved or merged to another record, as necessary.

  • The Find your ‘lost’ clients report will only include clients that have not been invoiced in the past 18 months from the date your run the report.


  • When selected as an attribute, Min and Opt stock levels will not be updated for any Diagnostic products (IDEXX Reference Laboratories, IDEXX In-house diagnostics, and Antech Diagnostics) to ensure Diagnostic products do not display on Critical Stock Shortages.

  • After you run a report and click the Print [Client or Patient] Forms button as available, if there are no results available, a new tab will open and display the message “No results found.”

    Tip: If you receive the "No results found" message, return to the report page, modify the filters, and try running the report again.


  • Statements will only display unpaid and partly paid transactions i.e., invoices, finance charges, and balance adjustments, as well as any available credits until they are allocated.


  • When attempting to reset your password from the main login page and enter an invalid company ID, you will receive appropriate messaging.

  • Resolved an issue so users without the System Admin permission can run the following reports when they been assigned access:
    • Appointment Summary
    • Balance Adjustments
    • Discount Summary

Reminder: The ability to run any report requires the Reports permission plus access to the individual report.


  • Resolved an error when attempting to process a refund from Counter Sales.

  • When viewing the Integrations page in Administration, you will see standardized language indicating the countries where each integration is available.
  • The integrations on the page are alphabetized.


  • When you click in the consultation Notes box, so the editor toolbar will always display correctly.
  • When you copy and paste in the consultation Notes, box, the copied content will only paste one time.

When you attempt to send an SMS to a client that contains words forbidden (for example, CBD) by Neo's SMS provider, you will receive an error prompting you to update the message and try again. The error will display when you:

  • Click Send from the Client SMS or Patient SMS buttons.
  • Click Edit then Save Changes from an SMS in the SMS Manager.

To learn more, see FAQs: SMS (text) messages Troubleshooting section.


  • To meet more states’ controlled substance reporting requirements, the Dispensed Products in date range >Dispensed products by day (no grouping, client details) CSV output includes a column for the Rx ID, as available.
  • The Dispensed Products in date range description is improved to help locate the report as an option for your controlled substance reporting.

    Tip: Add this report to your favorite reports list from the Reports page by clicking the Favorites icon NC PT unfavorite star.png to the right of the report name.


  • When you complete a treatment in SmartFlow with a quantity greater than 9,999.99, you will receive an error that some treatments were unable to be synched to the EMR i.e., the Neo consultation
    • To resolve the error, review and update any treatment quantities in SmartFlow, as needed.


  • When you delete a template in Administration Forms & Certificates, you will receive a message whether the template is attached to any reminders; you can then confirm to delete the template from everywhere it is used in Neo or cancel.


  • When you forget your password, you will always be able to successfully reset it from the available link in the Update your password email.
    Reminder: The Update your password email can be initiated from:
    • The Neo login page.
    • When logged in to Neo, click your username > Switch Users > Help! I forgot my password.


  • Antech diagnostic test codes will always be added or updated in the Directory of Services in Neo, as available.

  • Regardless of changes to the Combined Reminder Emails settings or updates to any patient reminders on the Reminders tab, the Combined Reminder Emails will only be sent once on the selected scheduled day of the week.

  • For practices with Aged Accounts Receivable and automatic finance charges enabled only. As finance charges are not considered sales, the Sales and Cost of Sales by Veterinarian report no longer will include automatic finance charges in the bar charts and CSV export.

  • When you click Add New Client and Patient on an unmatched appointment, the phone number received from Vetstoria will populate the Mobile No. box.


  • Resolved an issue with the Patient Mailing List with filters for products and signalment and Products NOT DISPENSED reports, so they will always create and send emails based on the report criteria.


  • When you select the Include deactivated records checkbox and click Go on the Search Patients page, active and inactive patient records will be returned in the search results.


  • Resolved an issue with the Client Mailing Lists (Newsletters, SMS, Email) > Client Mailing lists (email newsletters) so it will always create and send emails based on the report criteria.


  • Up to 6 digits maximum (includes 2 decimals) can be entered in a product line Qty box.
    This resolves an issue where quantities greater than 6 digits were allowed and prevented O/H stock levels from updating accurately.

  • To help reduce the need to check delivery, SMS message status will automatically update in the SMS Manager Sentbox when messages are sent.


  • Resolved an issue when Notes Autocomplete was left blank, the word "length" typed in consultation notes inconsistently and automatically changed to 0 (zero).

  • When you add, update, or remove product lines from a counter sale after you click Save & Pay then cancel the Collect Payment window, you will receive an alert that the counter sale has not been saved.
    • Click Save to save changes.
      • When the counter sale has a balance, the Collect Payment window will open automatically.
      • When the counter sale has a $0.00 balance or has no product lines, you will be able to navigate away from the page.
        Note: If you have removed all product lines and save a blank counter sale (for example, the client changed their mind), it is recommended you delete the blank Counter Sale consultation in the patient record. Requires the Delete Consultations permission.
    • Click Cancel to return to the Counter Sales page.
    • The alert will not display if no changes are made to the counter sale after cancelling the payment window.


  • When you lock the consultation notes, the Description field also will be locked. To edit the Description field, click Unlock Notes.
  • To open a new consultation in a new browser tab or window from the appointment popover card, right-click on the Create Consultation button and select the appropriate option.
  • The Procedure Template list has been expanded, so you can view more templates in the drop-down at once.
  • The fixed fee is removed from the consultation product line when the line price is changed to $0.
  • When you click Save on the new consultation page, you will be returned to the top of the page.
  • The client’s balance is updated when you click Ready to Pay, Close Consultation, or Open Consultation.
  • For keyboard users. The page can be navigated with your keyboard, including but not limited to:
    When you want to… Press…

    Move forward field to field

    Note: Includes text fields, buttons, links, drop-down lists.


    Move backward field to field

    Note: Includes text fields, buttons, links, drop-down lists.

    Shift + Tab

    Enable /expand targeted drop-down list

    Select value in drop-down list

    Move up and down an expanded drop-down list Up and Down arrows
    Move forward or backward by month in date picker PgUp and PgDn

  • When sharing IDEXX Diagnostics results or the client-friendly summary from Neo, the client’s email address recorded in Neo can be selected when you click in the To field.

  • When you click the TeleVet logo on a TeleVet consultation, you will be directed to the conversation record at


  • When a product tracked as a vaccine is completed in SmartFlow and then added to the Neo consultation, the consultation product line menu includes the Edit Vaccine Details option; so you can complete the vaccine details and print the certificate, as applicable.


  • The Overwrite Notes warning will only display if another user has updated notes on the new consultation page before you click Save Notes.
  • If you deselect the Group in Invoice checkbox for a procedure template in Administration > Procedure Templates, any existing products' Zero Price setting will no longer apply when the procedure template is added to a consultation
  • When you add more than one procedure template to a consultation, each procedure template will be added only once.
  • When a product is set to zero price in a procedure template and the quantity is edited on a product line on the new consultation page, the product line price remains $0 when the page is refreshed.
  • After adding a product to the consultation, you can tab to the Label field.
  • All consultations created from appointments booked through Vetstoria can be opened.


  • When an appointment is created without an appointment type (for example, a Vetstoria appointment), the consultation page can be opened successfully.
  • Tax rates up to the fourth decimal place are used when calculating the tax total.

  • When any batch number is saved more than once in the product detail's batch information, the batch number and expiration date combination you select in the Prescribe /Refill window will print on the prescription label.


  • The Discount Summary report CSV export and PDF include the client ID to better identify client records.


  • When the same user updates a product line quantity and clicks Save within 5 minutes of the product initially being saved to the consultation, the Inventory Audit report will display the two actions as a single event.
    • All other product quantity changes will continue to be recorded as separate events.


  • On the patient Results tab, an All option is included in the preset date ranges.
    • To view all patient results, click All in the date range presets. This will expanded the date range from 01-Jan 1980 to today.


  • When you deselect compounding from existing compounded tax rates in Administration > Tax Rates, the multi-component tax rate will be uncompounded.


  • When reconciling diagnostic results to a patient, the Next button will always display on the Reconcile Diagnostic Order window, so reconciling to a consultation can be completed, as needed.
  • Page numbers have been added to the bottom of Administration > Statements page to improve printing and emailing statements.
    • There will be 100 records per page.
    • Page numbers will be visible when there are more than 100 records.
    • To print or email statements:
      1. Select the record(s) on the page you want to print or email. To select all records on a page, select the header checkbox next to Client.
      2. Click Print or Email. The Preview page will open in a new browser tab.
      3. On the Preview page, click Print or Send # Email.
      4. Click Close Window to return Statements page.
      5. Click the next page number to review additional records, as available.
      6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have printed or emailed all the statements, as needed.


  • The Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Staff CSV export is updated, so the Dispensing Fee column excludes tax to reflect the net amount.


  • To improve SMS, mobile number validation will check that the mobile number in the Mobile No. box is valid for the country in the Country box on the client record.  
    Note: If no country is recorded on the client Overview. the branch country saved in Administration > Branch Details will be used to validate the client's mobile number.
  • Additional breeds are included in Trupanion’s automatic breed mapping.
    For existing Trupanion integration customers. Any breeds that were previously unmapped will be mapped to a Trupanion breed if a match is found at the time of this release. Existing mapped Trupanion breeds will not be impacted.
  • Appointment types eligible for Trupanion’s Exam Day Offer have been updated.
    • Tech vaccine appointments will no longer display the Exam Day Offer window.
    • Any appointment type including “new client”, “new patient, or “preventative” will display the Exam Day Offer window.


  • When you prescribe a product that was previously discontinued, a new prescription will be created.  
  • The Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Veterinarian CSV export is updated, so the Dispensing Fee column excludes tax to reflect the net amount.


  • Once an SMS or email has been sent, the sent date and time will display in the client and patient communication logs Date columns.
    Note: The SMS or email create date will display until the communication has been sent.  


  • The Dispensed products in date range > Dispensed products by day (no grouping, client details - useful for detecting missed payments) CSV export is updated to include:
    • First Name = Client first name
    • Label = Consultation product line label notes  


  • When viewing the Schedule in condensed view, the row height will be shorter than full view; so you can see more time slots and appointments without scrolling.   


  • If you update your branch details in Administration >Branch Details, fields related to your practice's contact information are required. If any of these fields are empty when you view the Branch Details page, a alert will display. 
    • Contact Name
    • Branch Associate Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Postcode
    • Telephone 1
    • Email Address


  • Resolved issues with the Schedule and appointment displays:
    • Appointment colors display as assigned in Administration >Appointment Settings.
    • Times displayed in the left-hand column of the Schedule are top-aligned to their cells.
    • Appointment cards fit within their scheduled time slots.


  • Yellow alert messages are updated to a slightly darker yellow color, and the text has been updated from white to black; so the alerts are easier to read.
  • The default batch number and expiration date that displays for a product in the Prescribe /Refill and Edit Vaccine modals will be the batch number with the oldest expiration date.
    Note: Expired batches will continue to not display in the Batches dropdown.


  • When you update an appointment status to Arrived, the appointment will be checked in successfully.
  • When patient data contains a diacritical i.e. a symbol (for example, é), Web PACS results will import into Neo.


  • Purchase orders can be received and saved with a $0.00 cost, as applicable.
  • Resolved an issue where a warning erroneously appeared after saving a draft purchase order and clicking the back arrow.
  • The Sales and Cost of Sales by Veterinarian and Sales and Cost of Sales by Staff CSV exports include the branch ID to help multi-branch practices identify the location where products were sold.


  • When you select Cancelled to delete an appointment, you have the option to record a cancellation reason.
    The cancellation reason will display on the:

    • Audit list on the Schedule

    • Appointment Timeline on the client Appointments tab.

  • The patient Search will default to include active patients only on the New Appointment page. 
    • To include inactive patients in your search, select the Include Inactive checkbox.
  • The patient breed and species always will display in the patient Search on the New Reservation page.
  • The current patient weight, weight unit, and date recorded display on the Patients tab in the client record. 
  • The status on Credit transactions is updated to make them easier to locate on the client Financial Activity tab and Outstanding Invoices page.
  • The Patient Quick List always displays the most recently or currently viewed patient at the top of the list.. 


  • Existing client and patient alerts can be edited or deleted on the Alerts tabs.
    • The Delete button (trash can icon) is replaced with a menu button.
    • To edit an existing alert, click the menu button. Then click Edit.
    • To delete an existing alert, click the menu button. Then click Delete.
    • View the date and time the alert was created and last updated.
      • Last updated by is blank if the alert has not been edited.
      • Last updated by also displays the user who edited the alert.

Tip: Client alerts can be edited or deleted from either the client or patient Alerts tab.

  • The new Decline Products header will no longer flash on the page when  a consultation or estimate is created or saved.
  • When you edit existing vitals from the Vitals tab, the column headers will be aligned properly with the vitals entry boxes. 


  • A reminder will display on the client Overview to ask the client for their mobile number when none is recorded. This reminder was moved from the Home No. to the Mobile No.
  • Client mobile numbers must include at least 9 digits to be considered a valid number.
    Note: Special characters (for example, parentheses and dashes) do not impact the mobile number.
  • A warning will display when an invalid mobile number is saved to the client record. mobile_number_invalid_overview.png
  • Sending individual SMS messages will be disabled from the client record, patient record, and patient appointments. You will see an alert to update the mobile number and to try sending the SMS again.
    Alert from the client and patient Send SMS buttons Alert from the Create Message button on the appointment popover card
    mobile_number_invalid_sweet_alert.png mobile_number_invalid_popover.jpg
    Note: Mobile number validation has not been added to bulk sending of SMS messages from either the Schedule or the Client Mailing Lists and Patient Mailing Lists reports; so SMS messages will continue to be created for all clients contained on the schedule for the day or in the report output.


  • The Declined Product / Service area on consultations and estimates is updated to more easily identify when products and services have been declined.
  • When a new patient sex is created under Administration > Patient Settings, the new value automatically will be mapped to and visible in your IDEXX Diagnostics and Antech Diagnostics reference data mapping.
  • In the client and patient Reminders tabs, patient reminders are color-coded to quickly identify the due date timeframes.
    • Red = Overdue
    • Yellow = Due today or within the next 30 days
    • Teal = Due more than 30 days from today 


  • Resolved an issue where changes to diagnostic products with diagnostic names longer than 100 characters could not be saved.


  • After you click the Convert to Consultation button on an estimate, the button will be disabled until the estimate details have been converted to a consultation, to ensure the estimate is only converted once.
  • When a numeric string (for example, phone number or patient ID) is searched using the global (power), client, patient, or new appointment patient searches, results will be returned only where the string entered exists in sequential order in the client or patient record.


  • When a client is tax exempt and a manual /ad-hoc product is entered on a consultation line, the tax rate always will be 0.00%.
  • Written-off balance adjustments and assessed finance charges are included in the Bad Debts report.
  • All write-offs will be included in the Bad Debts report, regardless of the written-off amount.


  • When you perform a search by phone number, all searches by client phone will only search the number and not include spaces or special characters entered.
    • Global (power) search
    • New Appointment Patient search
    • Client search page
    • Patient search page
      • The Patient search page can be searched by client work phone number and return matching results.
      • The Patient search page can be searched by client secondary phone number and return matching results.


  • When you preview, print, or email more than one invoice from Collect Payments > Invoices Awaiting Payments, the sort order on the page will be retained. 
    Note: When Invoices Awaiting Payments is sorted by Client, the secondary sort is Date Closed.
  • You can search to filter the Payment Summary by your practice's Neo Payment terminal names.
  • When viewing the patient record, the Problems tab will display the number of problems recorded for the patient, similar to how the Alerts and Files tabs display.
    • If no problems are recorded, no number will display.


  • When a client is granted access to the Client Portal and creates their credentials, password guidance displays on their login page.
  • The Invoices Awaiting Payments tab (Collect Payments > Invoices Awaiting Payments) is improved to help locate and print outstanding invoices.
    • A Search box as been added next to the date picker. You can search by Invoice No., Client name, or Staff.
    • You can sort by Client or Date Closed when you click the column header.
      Note: Date Closed is still the default sort order for Invoices Awaiting Payments.
  • You can filter the Products page when you select any product class in the All Product Classes dropdown and then click Go.


  • Resolved an issue where subsequently saving Appointment Settings in more than one browser tab resulted in an error when trying to schedule an online appointment from the Client Portal.
  • The Products Settings page will display correctly, regardless of the length of a Product Class name.
    • To improve readability, very long Product Class names will wrap when the reach the maximum column width.
  • Resolved an issue where the client and patient Send SMS buttons did not open if the client's last name contained an apostrophe.


  • When a product with a positive quantity and negative dollar amount (for example, a manufacturer coupon, rebate, or dollar-amount discount) is added to an estimate product line, the low and high line prices will always calculate correctly.
  • Product Extra Field form variables can be added to custom invoice templates and templates used for Print Documents special actions and will merge the information recorded in the respective extra fields.
  • A grouped procedure template's average tax rate will display correctly when printed or emailed.
  • The Search box functionality on the Payment Summary page is improved to allow searching by a client's full or partial first and last name. For example, Jane Smith can be searched as:
    • Jane Smith
    • Smith, Jane
    • Ja Smi
    • Smith
  • A consistent success message will display after activating or deactivating any product.


  • The Today's Appointment tooltips will always display when you hover your mouse over a question mark (?).
  • When receiving a product on a purchase order and the product's pack size is zero (0), you will see an error.
    Note for Vetcove practices: This error will display for Neo purchase orders only.


  • If the product saved as the New Patient Product in Administration > Branch Settings has been deactivated, the product will not be added to a new patient’s first consultation.
  • The date picker on both the Communications and Callbacks tabs work as expected.
  • Formatting on the Comm Log Callbacks tab is improved to ensure information from one column does not flow over to another column.


  • The Neo Payments URL points to the updated Neo Payments website in Administration > Integrations.
  • The greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols will display as entered when viewed from the Boarding module in Cage Types and Cage Names.

  • Resolved an issue where users without the Dynamic Pricing permission could not save taxed products to consultations or estimates.
  • Resolved an issue where users without the Dynamic Pricing permission could not save product line updates to Counter Sales.
  • When using a custom invoice template that contains the [ID-chip] and [date_of_birth] form variables, the microchip ID and date of birth will not populate on prepayments.
    Reminder: Prepayments are associated to clients only, so the patient name and signalment will not display.


  • The multi-user editing alert will display when a user opens a consultation, and another user is also viewing or editing the consultation.
  • When the user selects a product on the Products list page and then returns to the Products list page, the last selected value in the Product Class filter will be retained.
  • The Text Messaging (SMS) Usage report is updated to describe the report data more accurately.


  • When the [symptoms] form variable is used on the estimate template, _quote_, any /all problems entered in a patient estimate’s Master Problem List box will display when you print, email, or preview the estimate.
  • Resolved an issue where a patient move /merge could not be saved if the move /merge was started while viewing certain tabs in the patient record.


  • For Firefox users. Images can be added to consultations, forms & certificates templates, and procedure templates by clicking the Images icon on the editor toolbar.
    Note: This has been update to match the functionality in Chrome.
  • When viewing the Payment Summary on an iOS device, the date picker will display stacked (start date picker on top of the end date picker) to make it easier to select the desired dates.


  • When you save a block appointment to the schedule, the schedule will always remain at the time the block was scheduled.
  • The subtotal for Neo Payments on the Payment Summary and the Practice Dashboard > Payments will always match.
  • Special characters (for example, "&") as part of a reminder type name will always display correctly in the reminder banner on the patient record.
  • When creating a new user in the Business Owner role, all selected permissions will be retained after clicking Save Changes.


  • When previewing any forms & certificates template in the Reminders Reports group in Administration > Forms & Certificates, a generic client and patient will always be used to populate the client and patient name form variables.
  • Resolved an issue where some of the Inventory Audit report pages were out-of-order and misnumbered.


  • The client and patient search in the Move /Merge modal will always be responsive regardless of which section of the patient record is viewed when initiating the move /merge.
  • Vetcove customers only. If a Neo product and Vetcove product were originally mismatched, you can unlink the products in Neo from received and partially received purchase orders. See Unlink Neo and Vetcove products to learn how.
  • When a product with existing stock level values (O/H, Min, Opt) is updated to be tracked as a Digital product, the product will not display on the Critical Stock Shortages list or the Inventory Audit report.
  • From a diagnostic product’s details, when you attempt to activate or reactivate a diagnostic product that is no longer available in the Directory of Services (DOS), you will see appropriate messaging and the product will remain inactive.
  • A new Created by column displays between the Date Created and Appointment Type on the Appointment Summary CSV. The Created By user is the logged in user when the appointment was created.
  • The Results column on diagnostic results converted from your previous PIMS has been widened, to improve the view and reduce scrolling when reading diagnostic results or notes.