Refund or return a product

When you refund a payment, you can give a refund immediately or save the refund. If you save the refund, the amount will appear as a credit on the Financial Activity tab on the client’s record. This credit can then be applied to an unpaid invoice.

Note: Before you begin, make a note of the original payment method used to pay for the product being returned.

  1. Click the Patients tab.
  2. Enter the patient's first or last name. You can click the plus sign to add more filters.
  3. Select the Include deactivated records check box to make sure the patient hasn't been deactivated.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Click the patient in the list to open the record on the Patients tab.
  6. Click Give Refund.
  7. From the Provider drop-down list, select a provider.
  8. Enter a note that explains the reason for the refund. 
  9. In the Product/Service area, enter the item for which the refund is being issued.
  10. Adjust the quantity for the item and make any other changes needed.
  11. Select the Is this refund ready to be paid? check box and close the invoice.
    Note: The refund amount is a credit on the account until you are ready to refund the amount or apply it to another visit.
  12. If you are ready to issue the refund, click Refund.
  13. In the Give Refund window, change the date, if necessary. Then enter the amount refunded and select the payment method.
  14. Enter a payment reference, if needed.
  15. Click Give Refund.
  16. In the message that appears at the top right of the window, click to print the invoice.