View and share results for one patient

View and share results for one patient

Use the patient Results tab to view results for a patient. For IDEXX Reference Laboratories, IDEXX in-house analyzers, and IDEXX Web PACS, diagnostic results are displayed with the same look and functionality as VetConnect Plus.

See IDEXX Learning Center - VetConnect Plus for more information.

  1. Click the Patients tab.
  2. Search for and select the patient.
  3. Click the Results tab. The diagnostics ordered for the patient in the last month are listed.
  4. You can use the fields at the top of the list to expand or narrow your search:
    • Edit the date range, as needed. Use one of the date range presets (This Week, This Month, Last Month, etc.), or select a custom date range or specific date.
      • To select a custom date range, click the start date first. Then click the end date.
      • To select a specific date, click the date twice.
  • Click the Filter button mceclip1.pngto select additional filters, as needed.
    • Status (Ordered, Partial, Final, Cancelled, Error, Failed, or Retrying).
    • Source (IDEXX Reference Laboratories, IDEXX Web PACS, IDEXX VetLab Station, Antech Diagnostics, Unknown).
  1. To view source details for a specific test, including the vet who ordered the test and the requisition number, click the View Details link in the Source column.
    Click Show all details in the header to show details for all tests.
  2. Click the test name or the expand button mceclip3.png to expand the row and view result details.
    • IDEXX Reference Laboratories and IDEXX in-house analyzers: In the expanded view, you can:
      • A. Print, share or collaborate, request a consult, or mark results as unread. See Print a history to learn more about printing diagnostic results.
      • B. Toggle on graphing to view trends in test results.
      • C. Click in the result header to collapse or expand the reference range for an easy numeric view.
        Tip: Collapsing results allows you to easily compare test results from different days.

Note: If a thumbnail image is provided, you can click it to view it full size.

  • IDEXX Web PACS: In the expanded view, click the thumbnail to view the specific image in Web PACS.
    To request a telemedicine consult, click the image thumbnail to open the image in IDEXX WebPACS. 
  • Antech Diagnostics: In the expanded view, click Abnormals to view abnormal results only. You can email, print, or download a PDF of the results.
  1. Click the menu button to see other options that will vary depending on the source and status: Edit Order Consultation, Unreconcile, View Consultation, Print Order Form, and Create Callback.
  2. .To print the list of results as a PDF, click the Print mceclip1.pngbutton.
    • The selected date range and filters are respected.
    • Only final and partial results are included in the PDF.
    • The PDF can be printed or saved; so it can be emailed outside of Neo, as needed.
      Note: IDEXX Web PACS results will not be included and must be printed separately from IDEXX Web PACS. If your results to print contain IDEXX Web PACS results, you will see a message to remind you. 
      Results with a source of Unknown will not be included following the steps above. If you need to print these results, select the Show all details checkbox. Then press Ctrl (or CMD) + P, or right-click and select Print.
      Tip: By default, website information and page numbers may appear on documents you print using your local printer. See Remove headers and footers on printed documents.