Manage email

Use the Email Manager to manage email messages that have been sent and deleted and to resend message as needed. Check the outbox regularly for messages that are waiting to be sent or that failed to send; missed communication with clients can result in missed appointments or follow-up.

See FAQs: Email for answers to common questions.

 Manage email

  1. Click your name in the menu bar. Then click Administration.
  2. Under General, click Email Manager.
  3. Click the Outbox tab to view emails waiting to be sent and emails that could not be sent.
  4. Click a client's name to access the client record and update the email address.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Return to the Email Manager tab.
  7. Select the check box next to each email or select the check box in the header to select all emails.
  8. Click Send to send the email now. If successful, it will move to the Sentbox tab.
  9. Click the Sentbox tab to view which emails have been sent, including undeliverable emails.
    Note: If an email could not be sent, it remains in the Outbox and you can review its status there.
  10. Select the check box next to an email or select the check box in the header to select all emails.
  11. Click To Outbox to resend an email.
  12. Click the Deleted tab to view any emails that were deleted from the Outbox or Sentbox tabs.

Deliver messages

Here is a list of some of the messages you might see on the Sentbox and Outbox tabs.

Sentbox Outbox
Invalid Recipient Invalid Email Address or Content
Mailbox Full Undeliverable Email Address
Too Large Patient Deceased
No Recipient  
Mail Block  
Spam Block  
Spam Content  
Prohibited Attachment