IDEXX Neo Release Notes - August 22, 2019

Smart Flow integration updates

Now even more of the information you enter in Smart Flow during your patient’s hospitalization is automatically captured in the medical record in Neo.

  • Ever have to change a treatment after you’ve completed it in a treatment sheet? Any update you make to a billable item in Smart Flow will immediately appear on your patient’s consultation in Neo. Vaccine, prescription, or diagnostic orders that have been created will also be updated.
  • All of your patients are adorable, right? Now when you snap patient photos in Smart Flow, they will flow back to the patient’s Files tab in Neo at discharge.
    No patient ID photo in Neo? No problem! The patient photo from Smart Flow will also be added as the patient ID photo in Neo!
  • Better still: When you update your patient’s weight in Smart Flow,it will create a record in the patient’s Weights tab in Neo at discharge.
    Note: Only weights entered in the Smart Flow Edit Patient page will be sent to Neo.

Visit the Smart Flow website for more information on optimizing your workflow.

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