IDEXX Neo Release Notes - October 31, 2019

Appointment Reporting and Scheduler Updates 

We’ve updated Neo’s reporting capabilities, and it’s all thanks to your input! For starters we’ve added the new Appointment Summary report. This new report lets you quickly drill down into appointment data including appointments on your schedule that never arrived. We’ve also improved the Reports page, so it’s easier than ever to get the data you depend on. Individual users can now “favorite” the reports they rely on most; and new reports will automatically appear at the top of the Reports page, so you’ll know about them as soon as they’re released. We’ve also updated the schedule with the option to see appointments in a list for a more compact, printer-friendly view.

Check out these additional enhancements: 

  • Permissions: All users with the Reports permission will be assigned access to the Appointment Summary report.
  • The Appointment Summary report displays the number of checked-in appointments and number of appointments that didn’t arrive.
    • Arrived, In Progress, Ready to Pay, and Finalized appointment statuses are considered in the Checked-in appointment totals.
    • Appointments that do not arrive must be left on the schedule to be included in the Not Arrived appointment totals.
  • Download the Appointment Summary CSV file to review appointment and confirmation statuses. Great for reviewing if your staff has confirmed appointments – especially no shows!
  • Use the Appointment Schedule List View to confirm appointments or for those times you want to print the schedule.

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