IDEXX Neo Release Notes - April 2, 2020

NEW: Vetcove integration lets you shop multiple vendors at once, saving time and money

For customers in the US only

Vetcove is a free ordering platform used by over 8,000 practices to compare prices and purchase medications, food and veterinary supplies from multiple vendors at once. And we’re proud to announce that Neo is the first practice management software to integrate with it.

  • See your custom pricing, what’s in stock, and promotions in real time from all vendors.
  • Cut ordering time in half and save money by quickly finding the best products at the lowest prices.
  • Items on Neo’s Critical Stock Shortage list automatically populate to Vetcove for faster, more accurate ordering.
  • Creates POs in Neo automatically, and you receive products the same way you do now.
  • View up to two years of past purchase history with individual vendors, and access powerful reporting to analyze purchase trends, usage and pricing.

NEW: Appointment Settings - rearrange appointment Rooms and additional Appointment Type colors!

Based on your feedback, setting up the Schedule in Neo is now even easier to manage; now that Appointment Types and Rooms can be configured on the new Appointment Settings page.

  • Editing room names no longer adds new columns to the Schedule.
  • Rooms can be rearranged to be in the order you prefer without adding numbers, spaces, or characters.
  • The colors available for configuring appointment types have been expanded. You can also choose black or white font for each appointment type to make sure you can easily read the appointment details on the Schedule!

Coming soon - configure Schedule hours per day, assign durations to appointment types, and integration with TeleVet!

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