IDEXX Neo Release Notes - April 8, 2020

Deliver virtual care to clients with TeleVet

Telemedicine offers a vital alternative channel for providing patient care your clients know and trust. The TeleVet app integrates with Neo to save time entering client and patient data, enable clients to book appointments and video consultations, and write back remote visit details into the Neo patient consultation.

  • TeleVet allows veterinary clinics to enable telemedicine for appointment scheduling, digital prescriptions, and more, saving their clients time as well as providing the latest in professional care from the convenience of their own home 
  • TeleVet strengthens the relationship between veterinarians and their clients by embracing the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship. 
  • With modern practice management integration capabilities, TeleVet integrates seamlessly into an existing office workflow in as little as five minutes, with no setup fee and unlimited live support.

Go to the TeleVet website at to begin. Click the Get Started button then complete and submit the request form.

4/16/2020 UPDATE: After you receive your TeleVet ID, you can now complete your TeleVet integration in Neo from the Administration > Integrations page with the click of a button. See Set Up TeleVet integration in Neo for more information.

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