IDEXX Neo Release Notes - June 18, 2020

NEW: Extend the reach of your practice with Vetstoria

Vetstoria integrates with Neo, allowing you to increase the reach of your practice by offering online appointment booking and video consultations—all without needing to download an app.

  • Provides a secure and simple way for clients to book appointments and video consultations from your practice’s website, social channels, or Google My Business profile.
  • Appointments made through Vetstoria are instantly scheduled into Neo and matched to an existing client and patient record.
    • Matches to client records in Neo are first by email and any phone number, then by client last name and first name.
    • Matches to patient records are by patient name, last name, and client first name.
    • If Vetstoria cannot match to a client and /or patient, Neo provides a quick way to create a match right from the appointment.
  • After scheduling their appointments online, clients receive automatic email confirmations with zero manual effort from your team.
  • Clients start their consultation by clicking a link in the appointment confirmation. Consults can be conducted on any mobile phone, tablet or PC, and payment is collected electronically through Vetstoria.

Learn more about how Vetstoria and Neo work together to help you increase the reach of your practice:

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