FAQs: Email

This article covers frequently asked questions about sending and managing email.


Open a form from the Client Forms or Patient Forms button, respectively, on the patient or client record, and click the send email link at the top of the form preview page. The client must have a valid email address in the Email field on the client Overview tab.

  • When you send an email from IDEXX Neo, the email address used to send the email will be system@idexxneo.com. Your practice name will still appear in the From address line, but the email address used to send the email will not be your practice email.
  • Recipients of emails sent from Neo can reply to the email and you will receive it in your regular practice email inbox.
  • The system@idexxneo.com email cannot be used to initiate an email to you. Your clients should send emails they are sending to your regular practice email address.

The default email subject is Documentation from your practice name. For example, Documentation from IDEXX Veterinary Hospital.

Note: A form’s subject can be customized by updating the Subject field in Administration > Forms & Certificates.

If a client does not want to receive any emails, click the Unsubscribed from promotional emails check box on the client Overview tab; and make ALL forms and certificates promotional by checking the Add an unsubscribe link check box at the bottom of each form.

Note: If there are any forms you want or need to email to these clients, you should leave the unsubscribe link on those templates unchecked.

To learn more about setting up forms and certificates, see Add or update a form or certificate.

As a safeguard, emails intended for deceased patients are not sent automatically. You can still manually send the email from the Outbox in the Email Manager

For more information on sending email, see Manage email.

Once a reminder is included in the combined reminders email, any automatic individual email reminder settings are inactivated and cannot be edited unless the reminder is no longer included in the combined reminders email.

If you had selected an email form for the reminder prior to setting up combined reminders, you can still manually send an email reminder by going to Reminders > All Due Reminders, selecting the reminder you would like to send, and clicking Options > Print Letters > Send email

Automatic SMS reminders are not affected by combined reminders email settings.


Review the Email Manager to see which emails are waiting to send, were sent successfully, or failed to send.

Note: When mass sending emails from a Neo report, we recommend sending no more than 500 emails at a time.

For more information, see Manage email.

Emails remain in the Email Manager until deleted. Each tab in the Email Manager displays a maximum of 1,000 emails.


There are a few possible reasons:

  • The patient is not yet marked as deceased in Neo.
  • The reminder was sent before the patient was marked as deceased in Neo.

Once a patient is marked as deceased or inactive, reminders will not be sent. This may be a good time to review the special actions associated with your euthanasia and disposal products.

  • The email could have been sent before the appointment.
  • If special actions are not correctly set up on your products, reminders will not be updated when products are invoiced.
    For example; when a rabies vaccine is invoiced the special action should be set up to create an updated reminder and delete any existing reminders from the patient's record. 

As soon as a reminder is included in the combined reminders email settings, the email form for the reminder is unavailable. You cannot edit the email form unless the reminder is no longer included in the combined reminders email.   

Remember that SMS reminders are not affected by combined reminders email settings.

The last send dates and times sent will not update or increase.