IDEXX Neo Release Notes - May 27, 2020

NEW: Awesome Appointment Admin Updates

Which part of Neo gets used the most? The schedule! -- and because it's essential for virtually every member of the practice team, we hear a lot of suggestions on how it could be improved. Here are just a few of the new appointment Administration features that make scheduling even easier and maximize available appointment times:

  • Time increments: To eliminate guesswork and ensure each patient gets the time and attention they require, you can set the duration of each appointment type in Appointment Settings on the Administration page.
  • Appointment Hours: Say goodbye to appointments scheduled for 3 pm Saturday when you actually close at 1 pm. Now you can set appointment hours by day of the week.
  • End of day appointments: Need to squeeze in an appointment type at the end of the day that would normally extend after hours? Neo automatically shortens the appointment and informs you.
  • The New Appointment window is now a full-sized page with improvements including:
    • The ability to search for patient by patient name, client name, or a combination of both.
    • Exact start and end times based on the selected appointment type, in "From" and "To" field.
    • Color-coded reminders to indicate if reminders are current or due in more than 30 days (teal), due in the next 30 days (yellow), or overdue (red).
  • Client Portal: Scheduling from the client portal has been improved:
    • Cluster points have been removed for configuring booking periods on the Client Portal Settings page in Administration.
    • Pet owners booking appointments through the client portal will now see every slot available, based on your configured booking periods.
  • Reports: The Appointment Summary report has been updated to include the client's home or mobile number.

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