Manage vaccines, rabies tags, and certificates

Managing the work flow for vaccines, rabies tags, and certificates is easy in Neo! There are a few simple steps to setting everything up. 

If your practice is ready to go, scroll down to the Enter and view vaccine information section.

To learn about the Rabies and Vaccine Tag report, see Rabies and vaccine tag information.

You can also record existing rabies tags and correct vaccine details and print or email vaccine certificates.


 Set up vaccine management

Set up/verify the default rabies certificate:

  1. Click your name in the menu bar. Then click Administration.
  2. Under System Admin, click Company Settings.
  3. In the Rabies Certificate drop-down list, make sure that Rabies Certificate New is selected. 

Set up the default cloud printer:

If you use Google Cloud Print, do the following:

  1. Click your name in the menu bar. Then click Administration.
  2. Under Document Management, click Forms & Certificates.
  3. Under Other, click Rabies Certificate New.
  4. From the Default Cloud Printer drop-down list, select the printer to use with this certificate.
  5. Do not select the Auto-Print check box. This form cannot be automatically printed. 
  6. Save the form.

Set up vaccine product tracking:

Add tracking to your vaccine and rabies products to give you advanced options and the ability to track the product in the patient record on the Vaccines tab. Rabies vaccines have tag options.

Note: If you sync products across branches, be aware that vaccine product tracking does not sync. You must manually add tracking to the products in each branch.

    1. Click your name in the menu bar. Then, click Products.
    2. Search for one of your rabies products.
    3. Click Go. The search returns a list of the products that meet your criteria.
    4. In the search results, click the name of the vaccine or rabies product you would like to add tracking to. 
    5. From the Product Tracking drop-down list, select Vaccine.
    6. In the Vaccine Duration fields, enter the appropriate information.
      Note: If your practice converted data from another PIMS, the duration may be blank.
    7. If this is a rabies vaccine, select the This is a rabies vaccine check box.
      • Select the Include tag # warning check box if you want a warning message to appear when someone marks a consultation as ready to be paid and a rabies tag number was not entered.
      • From the Tag Duration drop-down list select the tag duration.
    8. Enter the manufacturer, brand, and type information for the vaccine.
    9. From the Manner of Administration drop-down list, select the way the vaccine is administered.
    10. Update the rest of the product information if necessary.
    11. Click Save Changes.
    12. Repeat for each vaccine product.

Enter batch numbers:

Since Neo merges the most recently entered batch number into the rabies certificate, we recommend entering batch numbers when the vaccine products are opened in the practice. Batch numbers also appear on the patient consultation product line and can be merged into other forms and certificates.

  1. For the product you want to update, click Edit Batches.
  2. In the Batch Numbers window, enter the product's batch number.
  3. From the Room drop-down list, select the room where the product will be stored.
  4. In the Expiry box, select the product's expiration date.
  5. Click Add Batch.

Add veterinarian license numbers:

  1. Click your name in the menu bar. Then click Administration.
  2. Under System Admin, click User Management.
  3. For staff with a user role of Business Owner, Vet, or Locum, enter their license number.
    If the doctor is licensed in multiple states, enter all license numbers in this field, as needed. 
    Example: MD12345/DC23456. 

Enter and view vaccine information

 Enter and view vaccine information

Enter vaccine information and print a certificate:

For more detailed steps, see Start a consultation and record patient information.

  1. Search for and select the patient.
  2. To start a new consultation, click New Consultation.
    If the consultation has already been started, click the Consultations tab and click View next to an existing draft consultation.
  3. From the Provider drop-down list, select or verify the provider.
  4. Add the vaccine product.
    Note: You can add only one rabies product to a consultation.
  5. Click the menu button for the product and select Edit Vaccine Details.
  6. In the Edit Vaccine Details window, enter the tag information (rabies only), verify the batch number, and add a note about the location for the vaccine.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Save the consultation.
  9. Click the menu button on the line with the vaccine to view the options:
    • Edit Vaccine Details: Make changes to the vaccine details
    • View in Patient Record: View this on the Vaccines tab in the patient record (see the next section for more information)
    • Print Rabies Certificate (rabies only): Print or email the certificate
    • Remove: Delete the vaccine from the consultation
  10. To print a rabies certificate, click Print Rabies Certificate. The certificate opens in a new tab or window.
  11. Click Print or Email, and then click Close Window.
    Tip: By default, website information and page numbers appear on documents you print using Google Cloud Print. See Remove headers and footers on printed documents.
  12. Select the Is this invoice ready to be paid? check box and close the invoice.
  13. If prompted, enter a tag number. This warning is set up in the product details.

To learn about printing a vaccine certificate, see Print or email a vaccine certificate.

View vaccine rabies tag details and reprint a certificate:

The Vaccines tab on the patient record lets you view vaccine history and perform other tasks.

  1. Search for and select the patient.
  2. Click the Vaccines tab. The patient's vaccines are listed in the order they were given.
  3. Click the view button to see additional vaccine details.
  4. Click the menu button to view the options:
    • View Consultation: View the consultation where the vaccine was used
    • Print Rabies Certificate (rabies only): Print or email the certificate
    • Update Tag # (rabies only): Correct the tag number and duration if you made a mistake or reissue a rabies tag if it's been lost
    • Void: Void the vaccine and any rabies tag details from the patient history. It will not remove the vaccine from the consultation. You will need to process a refund and/or enter the correct vaccine/tag details

Tip: The Date Given is consultation product line date. If this date is incorrect, you can edit the consultation.