Order digital products

For customers in North America only

 Order a digital product

You can order digital imaging from the consultation when you integrate with Neo through IDEXX Web PACS.

You have to connect to IDEXX Web PACS, manage reference data, and set up digital products before you can place digital orders through Neo.

Once a digital order is placed, you can:

If you do not have a validated third-party capture station, you can add the digital product to the consultation, place the order from the capture station, and then reconcile the results in Neo to add them to the patient record.

  1. Open a consultation (new or draft).
    Note: You can add digital products to an estimate but you have to change the estimate to a consultation to place the order.
  2. From the Provider drop-down list, select or verify the provider.
  3. In the Product/Service area, start entering the name of the digital product to order, and then select it from the results that appear. The provider for the consultation is used for ordering diagnostics; changing it on the line item will not update the order.
    Note: If a digital product is included in a procedure template, the product automatically appears on the consultation when the procedure template is added.
  4. Optional: If you need to remove a product before you place the order, click the trash can button .
  5. Click Order Diagnostics.
    Note: If you are also ordering IDEXX Reference Laboratories or IDEXX VetLab Station products, select the correct source and proceed to the order. Once you have ordered those products, click Order Diagnostics again.
  6. Confirm the correct veterinarian is selected and add shot notes or instructions.
  7. Click Order. Once the order is processed, a confirmation appears.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Once the digital product is ordered in Neo, the date the product was ordered appears below the product name. Click the plus sign next to the product name to view its details. Hover over or tap the Order placed on line to see order acknowledgement information.
  10. Click the menu button   to view the order, as needed.


Cancel a digital order

  1. Locate an ordered digital product on the consultation.
  2. Click the menu button . Then select Remove .
  3. Review the digital products that are on the order that will be canceled.
  4. Click Cancel Order.
    • The order will be canceled in IDEXX Web PACS.
    • The selected product will be removed from the consultation.
      • Important: If there was more than one digital product placed on the order, only the product selected in step 2 will be removed from the consultation. You must repeat steps 1-3 to delete additional digital products separately from the consultation.